About Homeowners Hub

Our Story

Homeowners Hub was born from accumulated goodwill nurtured from a longtime successful electrical contracting business. Having heard from so many customers that we should offer more home services to simplify their lives since they trust us to do right by them, we decided to answer their call and have been helping them for years now. They love us and our idea, so now we wanna help you too!

The buzz of HH has grown quickly. Our goal and source of pride is to be able to form a community culture of care through our concierge service within your community, offering customer advocacy and exceptional ease of use. We treat your home like we would our own. Except, we won’t leave our socks on your floor or our dishes in your sink. Ha!

meet the team

Sandi Goodman


Sandi Goodman is a 4x Serial Entrepreneur and Start Up Co/Founder CEO of Homeowners Hub. Sandi’s mission is to change homeowner behavior by providing the most convenient and comfortable way for busy homeowners to take great care of their homes, saving them time and money while protecting one of their greatest financial assets.

Sandi has spent 15 years in the professional trades as Co-Founder/CFO of two electrical contracting companies – one a Union contractor handling large commercial, municipal jobs and the other serving the residential community. Prior to that she spent 20 years in financial sales, offering products to increase customers’ financial security.

Now, as Co-Founder/CEO of Homeowners Hub, Sandi is able to combine all of her skills and interests and offer a different way for homeowners to request help for home services, one that combines the speed, convenience and ease of IT/AI through a 24/7 text line along with the personal touch of a live Property Advocate, to provide communication and a level of accountability not typically found in this industry. Best of both worlds come together through Homeowners Hub.

Currently in New Jersey, Sandi is looking to expand to other locations soon. She is married to her beautiful wife Monica and has two cats named Dash and Apple. Her daughter Sophia in Atlanta recently turned 24

Tohon Jasdanwala

Chief Property Advocate

Tohon Jasdanwala a recent graduate from Montclair State University is an up and coming titan seeking to pursue a meaningful career in entrepreneurship & real estate.

He is currently serving as the Chief Property Advocate at HomeownerHub, overseeing operations in the North Jersey area. Focusing on long-term growth he works on Marketing and Sales while simultaneously working closely with clients and business partners to help expand and maintain a strong business model. Joining HomeownersHub in December of 2022, he is determined to create a long lasting business to help service customers across the nation.

Prior to HomeownersHub, Tohon wanted to be an actor with aspirations to work in Hollywood. However, through his college experience he found a passion for real estate. Being the son of a landlady he was able to immerse himself in the industry. Working as a runner for Sue Adler Group or taking care of his mother’s properties he developed his entrepreneurial skills. Other miscellaneous jobs such as waiter, salesman, and laborer have given him a sharp perspective in understanding growth systems.

Tohon is an avid movie and TV aficionado who loves to go to movies and watch broadway productions.