By Chris Beers | Owner & Operator of Home Joy LLC

The Home Joy Way is a way to declutter and organize your home. It is a process for becoming an organized person.

You mow your lawn because your grass grew too high. You paint your walls because your paint started peeling. Your things however didn’t get disorganized on their own. To put it bluntly, your home is a mess because you made it that way. There are a million ways to become an organized person and the Home Joy Way is our way.

The Home Joy Way of organizing your home begins with the creation of a vision, a simple heartfelt statement about how you wish your home and your life to be. We then create a plan for how to make your vision a reality. The typical plan requires downsizing and organizing your things by category of item (i.e. clothing, books, paperwork, etc.) instead of by location (i.e. bedroom, kitchen, office, etc.).

We work on each category one at a time. When working on a given category we take everything out of its original location, gather it all in an open space, and subcategorize it neatly. Then you decide what to keep and what to get rid of based on what you need and love. You sort through everything one item at a time and as you go we set the items you no longer want aside. When you’re done sorting we figure out the best way to store the things you chose to keep. After downsizing and organizing each and every category of things you own, your home is a very different place and things don’t go back to the way they were before simply because we’ve rebuilt your home one item, one category, one storage space at a time.

If this process sounds familiar that’s because it’s based on the world famous KonMari Method invented by Japanese decluttering guru Marie Kondo. Kondo first told the world about her method in her book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” and she starred in the Netflix series, <a href=”″>Tidying Up with Marie Kondo</a>, in 2019.

I am a Master KonMari Consultant and have reached the highest level of certification in Marie Kondo’s certification system. In helping my clients do the KonMari Method I realized that Marie Kondo left the concrete application of her method up to interpretation.

Her book is a broad introduction to what it means to transform one’s home. It sets the reader on the right path but does not provide specific steps for how to put her ideas into action. Furthermore, Kondo speaks from the Japanese point-of-view and I found many of her ideas were lost on the American clientele I was working with.

I created the Home Joy Way to provide my clients with both the mindset they need to succeed and the concrete action steps they need to take along the way. I wrapped it all up in a language and a frame-of-mind familiar to Westerners.

That’s the Home Joy Way in a nutshell. I have lots more to share with you about the actual concrete steps and actions you can take to transform your home and your life so stay tuned!

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