Lately we’ve been getting a lot of calls for air conditioning. Surprised? We aren’t either. You want to be cool and remove that uncomfortable humidity from your living space. It’s all about quality of life! So – Central Air or Mini-Split? Both systems dehumidify the air when cooling, and can be purchased with air purifying options for those with allergies. Both types of systems require multiple trades for installation.

But how do you know which kind of system is better? What’s the difference in cost and why? Let’s look at the differences together.

Central Air Conditioning
Central Air is a single system designed to cool your entire home, or an entire floor. It must be sized properly based on the square footage and layout of the home. Our licensed Affiliates install these systems, and know how to size them properly.

A Central Air system requires a condenser, an air handler, a “return”, vents, and ductwork. With Central Air, no equipment (other than the vents) can be seen in any room.

Mini-Split Air Conditioning
Mini-Split systems are terrific in homes with relatively open floor plans since the cool air quietly moves through the space without ductwork. A Mini-Split air conditioning system has several design options. The equipment is small and very quiet when running as opposed to window air conditioners. A single system consists of a small condenser outside and a small rectangular unit inside. These units are usually mounted to the upper portion of a wall or suspended from or recessed in the ceiling.

There is no ductwork required for the Mini Split a/c system. This feature saves money, and does not require as much disruption to the home.

Cost Comparison
What is the difference in cost? That depends on the size of your home and number of rooms or floors you want cooled. These days Central Air systems can run $10,000.00 (and up), not including the cost of repairing opened walls and ceilings. Installing a Mini-Split system starts at about  $4,000.00, depending on the number of rooms and/or floors being served. A Mini-Split requires little to no wall or ceiling repair.

If you’ve had it with the heat and humidity during the Summer and you’re ready to improve your quality of life with air conditioning, you may want to compare these two systems.

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Stay cool!!

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