Going Green? Consider Composting!

Compost bin, waste bin and recycling bin.

We’ve been thinking a lot about environmental issues these days, and how we can make a difference in our own home spaces.

One of the simplest things we can do is compost! Did you know that currently over 24% of all landfill waste is food? And that even biodegradable materials never break down in a landfill? Composting helps to divert food waste from landfills, AND creates nutrient rich soils that closes the food loop and helps lower the carbon footprint.

 Why Compost?

The reasons are abundant but these are our top 5:

  1. At least 1/3 of your garbage is compostable. Food is a valuable resource that doesn’t belong in the trash.
  2. Food rots in landfills, emitting greenhouse gases and noxious odors and impacting climate change. Who wants that?
  3. Compost restores depleted nutrients to the soil and therefore to our food.
  4. Composting replenishes eroding soil by putting organic material back where it belongs- in the earth.
  5. It’s inspiring. Composting gives your food a second chance at life. It is the soul of your soil.

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