Give a “Senior Support” Subscription

One of our customers had a great idea:

“Hey Sandi hope all is well in your household. Everything is ok here. Ron and I are good and home is holding steady for the moment. I’m calling because I want to give a gift subscription of three months to an elderly neighbor. My hope is that she will enjoy the service as much as I do and sign up but I’d like to help her out get her started. I’ll give you all of her details including her phone number and email and she’s available to speak after 2:00pm today.”

We loved the idea so much, we offered to match it with 3 additional months free!

Do you have a family member or neighbor who could benefit from 6 months of free home support? With our extensive experience, network of contractors, and 100% guarantee, the job is sure to be done correctly and with no hidden or surprise charges!

Here are the most common home repair and maintenance services we manage for you:

  • Plumbing – Plumbing issues are easily one of the most stressful when they crop up, and one of the most costly when not properly taken care of. Homeowners Hub helps you get your plumbing stresses addressed and alleviated to your satisfaction, GUARANTEED!
  • Appliance repair – The last thing you want to do is coordinate an appliance repair technician, especially with limited time. Homeowners Hub saves you time while getting your appliances back running smoothly!
  • Electrical – Electrical issues aren’t just inconvenient, but scary. Frayed wires can cause fires, electrocution and more! Don’t get zapped! Homeowners Hub will hook you up with a licensed electrical contractor who will provide shocking service – GUARANTEED!
  • HVAC (Heating and air conditioning) – You don’t ever have to feel out in the cold when you’re a Hubster. Homeowner’s Hub takes care of our client’s HVAC needs – both heating and air conditioning – by setting you up with reliable, licensed HVAC experts.
  • Roofing – You can stop worrying about roofing woes and start enjoying the finer sides of life when you enlist the support of Homeowners Hub. With the simple click of a button, Homeowners Hub sets up a phenomenal roofing experience – GUARANTEED!

After a service is requested, we take care of lining up an quality service person in the homeowner’s local area. We communicate at every step of the way, tell who will be performing the service and when, and the best part is, satisfaction is GUARANTEED!