Homeowners Hub Internship

Internship Length:

3-5 Month Duration – Sales / Customer Service Position w/ Marketing and Managerial duties.

This internship program will last 3-5 months. The program will pay out $15/hr at 20hr. Office full time will be mandatory for this period. You will be evaluated on customer satisfaction, Sales, Revenue Brought In, Additional Clients acquired, Realtors acquired. Understanding and use of our technology.

The trainee will be under the supervision of both the CEO and the Chief Property Advocate. We are currently working on a full time job position. High potential for success.

Base Job

Creating Annual TO-DO lists
  • Through Email or Text Message create a list of projects both realistic and ambitious that the homeowner would like to have done on their home
  • Talk through the FREE maintenance (only as a Touch point tool)*
  • Go to the property to go over with new/existing clients TO-DO list and to see the problems and understand the scope of the work that needs to be done. (If applicable)
  • Create a calendar that reflects the TO-DO list and the Client’s financial situation as well as comfortability to complete the jobs.
Creation of Estimate One Sheets
  • Tradespeople will text or email in an estimate
  • Standardized One sheet will be used to create an estimate to be sent to the client thorough automated software
  • After Approval from client you send an Invoice (see Job Flow for more details)
Sending Invoices & Collecting Deposits
  • Learning to Send Invoices Via Xero, Types of Payment include – Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal with 3% Service Fee, ACH Transfer (Bank to Bank) No Fee, No Cash payments.
  • To begin job collect 50% of the Invoice as a down payment
  • For maintenances & Repairs (up to $1,000) send direct quote / Invoice at completion of Job, For Projects ($1,000 & Over) Send an estimate to be approved
  • (See Job Flow for more details)
Scheduling of Jobs
  • Schedule time for Tradesperson
  • Approval of dates and times from Client
  • If you have to pay a down payment for the tradesperson before work starts, maximum full deposit (deposit minus margin).
  • Paying Tradespeople – Paid with Check or Will Take Credit Card (Must go through Billing department)
  • Paid couple of days after clearing
  • 30 minute hands-on for each project (can sell you time if need be)
Back & Forth Communication with Clients & Tradespeople
  • Once job is completed and before paying the tradesperson get the second half of the invoice from the client
  • Pay Tradesperson in full
Additional Work
  • Any additional work will be discussed on the job.

To apply for this job email your details to Hubyourhometj1@gmail.com