Appliance Repair

Have you ever woken in the morning to find your heater broken with sub-zero temperatures outside?

Or arrived home after work on a sweltering day to discover your air conditioning is on the fritz?

We have. And we know the sheer terror HVAC can induce, especially when you aren’t the only person in your home.

With our experience, both personally and professionally, we also know the questions that whirl around your head when you realize you need HVAC services:

  1. How extensive will this repair be?
  2. Do I need to new heating or air conditioning unit?
  3. How do I find a timely and trustworthy HVAC service person?

When you become a member of HomeownersHub, heating and air conditioning malfunction induced panics become a thing of the past. 

After you request a service, we take care of lining up an HVAC technician in Summit, Madison or your local area in Central New Jersey. We tell you who will be performing your service and when they will be arriving, and the best part is, your satisfaction is GUARANTEED!

Fees for estimate calls? Not an issue when you’re a Hubster. That’s right! The $29.95 trip charged is waived for each and every estimate call when you’re a member!

Are you ready to eliminate the stress of appliance repair, plumbing and electrical issues and other home maintenance issues from your life?