Plumber Services


Or perhaps we should say “Glug…”

Plumbing issues can reek havoc on an otherwise calm life. Frozen pipes burst; Drain-O no longer makes an impact on clogged drains; And the worst of all… Sewage backups.

Ugh. Glug,

Do any of these plumbing services questions sound familiar?

  1. How extensive will this work be?
  2. How soon can I get a certified/licensed plumber here?
  3. Where do I find a reputable plumber?

Whether you have a broken pipe or an inconvenient clog, Homeowners Hub provides quick and easy plumbing services in Madison, Summit, Maplewood, Livingston, West Orange & South Orange, NJ. And rest assured, we ONLY partner with licensed plumbers to cater to your plumbing needs.

When you become a member of HomeownersHub, plumbing issues which clog your personal and business schedule are a thing of the past. 

While you’re working or spending time relaxing with friends and family, we lining up a plumber in Summit, Madison or your local area in Central New Jersey. We tell you who will be performing your service and when they will be arriving, and the best part is, your satisfaction is GUARANTEED!

Fees for estimate calls? Not an issue when you’re a Hubster. That’s right! The $29.95 trip charged is waived for each and every estimate call when you’re a member!

Are you ready to eliminate the stress of appliance repair, roofing, plumbing, electrical and other home maintenance issues from your life?