Ah, spring! If you’re like many people, you’ve been looking forward to this time of year all winter long. Spring is the season when you turn off the furnace, fling open the windows and finally soak up some vitamin D. That’s the most satisfying part of spring.

The second most satisfying part of spring is probably the annual cleaning, though for some the satisfaction comes only when the work is done. And don’t forget that no spring cleaning is complete without some basic home maintenance.

Ahead, find nine ways to get your home ready for spring so you can relax and enjoy the season.

1. Degunk your gutters. You probably haven’t thought much about your gutters over the winter, but there’s a good chance that snowstorms have left them full of sticks, leaves, and well… gunk. Spring showers are on the way, so you’re going to want to make sure that the gutters are clear of debris.

A good contractor will clean out your gutters and also inspect them to make sure they’re in good working order. Better to repair problems ahead of time than to discover during the first downpour of the season that your gutters or downspouts are faulty.

2. Beautify your yard. Like your gutters, your yard may be littered with dead leaves, broken branches and brown grass right about now. Once unsightly yard waste is cleared out, your whole property will be looking much better. It’s a good idea to replace worn mulch, and spread fresh grass seed and add fertilizer to the plants in your landscaping. Have your yard aerated too; this helps your grass get the healthy nutrients it needs so it will grow thick and rich.

3. Plan a garden. A backyard garden is both beautiful and functional, but adding a flower or vegetable plot to your yard takes plenty of prep work. Not only do you have to choose the right sunny spot and establish its boundaries, but you must also kill weeds, remove grass, till the ground and adjust the soil composition.

If that sounds like more than you’d bargained for, call in the pros. Leave the tough work of prepping and planning the garden to them and save your energy for the more satisfying work of planting seedlings and harvesting the first ripe tomatoes.

4. Prepare your HVAC system for transition. To run at peak performance, your HVAC system needs an annual spring checkup. An HVAC specialist will inspect your system to make sure that the heating components are still in good shape after the cold winter. More importantly they will make sure your air conditioning unit is ready to go for the warmer days ahead. They’ll clean coils, add refrigerant as needed and ensure proper airflow.

While you’re at it, you may want to have a smart thermostat installed. Then, if there’s an unseasonably warm or cool spring day, you can rest assured that your HVAC system will kick on to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

And as we all know, “unseasonable” has been the new standard in New York and New Jersey lately.

5. Make those windows sparkle. Spring means drawing the curtains and opening the windows to let in the fresh air and sunshine. Don’t let dirt and window streaks obstruct your view.

Professional window washing will leave your windows looking spotless so that when you look outside, all you’ll see is green grass and budding flowers.

6. Power wash your house. A professional-grade power washing is like a nice long bath for your home (don’t try it on yourself!). It’s both easier and faster than rolling up your sleeves and scrubbing off the dirt and grime that a season of snow and ice has left behind. After a good washing, your home will look fresh, clean, and ready for the new season.

7. Get the sprinklers going. A lawn irrigation system is handy, but it too requires regular maintenance. Over the winter, clogs, cracks or leaks may have developed. It’s better for both your yard and your water bill to have those dealt with early in the season. A sprinkler tune-up is also an opportunity to have the spray adjusted so the water goes exactly where you want it to.

8. Take a look at the roof. Thorough spring home maintenance requires checking the roof for any necessary repairs. An experienced roofing company should examine the shingles and flashing for leaks, loose parts or worn spots.

Of course, if problems are found be sure to have them repaired right away. Prompt repairs are always cheaper than the cost of damage caused by a faulty roof down the line.

9. Touch up your home’s paint. Everything is made new in spring, and that can include the look of your home. If you’re ready for a major spring overhaul, have the exterior of your house or an interior room painted a fresh color.

Even if you’re not looking to make such a drastic change, painting can still be an important component of your spring home maintenance. Touching up trim work and adding a fresh coat where needed will revitalize the look of your home just in time for spring.

Invest in spring home maintenance to keep your property looking nice and running smoothly throughout the season and on into the rest of the year.

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