As solar panel technologies have increased, so has the demand for solar related products. With this in mind, Tesla has recently introduced a line of solar roof tiles. And while Tesla solar tiles are new to the industry (and even newer to New Jersey), they’re sure to gain traction as more homeowners begin to realize their benefits. Here are the primary advantages of a Tesla solar roof.

Tesla Roof Tiles Look Great

One of the foremost concerns when it comes to solar panels is their visual appeal. In the early days of solar power technology, solar panels were bulky and ugly. However, with the advent of the solar tiles from Tesla, this is no longer the case. In fact, the new solar roof tiles not only blend in with the surrounding shingles—they arguably look better! And while the standard shingles currently used used on New Jersey rooftops tend to fade and fall apart over time, the Tesla solar tiles are specially designed to withstand the elements. Tesla offers a variety of different tile styles, such as textured tiles that blend in perfectly with standard shingles. If you’re looking for a more streamlined appearance to your roof, then you may want to consider the smooth version of the tiles. In addition, Tesla is coming out with Tuscan and Slate style roofing tiles, so there is bound to be a style that will meet your needs.

They Could Be a Cheaper Roof Solution

While it may seem counterintuitive that solar roof tiles made by a high-end company like Tesla could actually save homeowners money, this is most certainly the case. Sure, the initial costs of the tiles can be substantial (the cost is similar to paying for a slate roof plus a solar array) but over time, this premium roofing product actually pays for itself.

Research has shown that in many areas the cost of a new standard roof and unforeseen repairs, plus the cost of electricity in New Jersey could end up costing more than a Tesla solar roof installation. In addition to the savings provided by the panels over time, they will also substantially increase the value of your home. Just think of the curb appeal of a home that doesn’t rely on the electrical company or lose power during outages.

Unlimited, Infinite Warranty

Tesla has designed their solar roof tiles to be nearly indestructible thanks to their tempered glass construction. In fact, the tiles from Tesla are said to be more than three times stronger than ordinary roofing tiles. To back this up, Tesla offers a warranty system where they will replace any roof tiles, so long as you own the home, even if you intend on living there for a hundred years. During the testing phase of the tiles, Tesla engineers propelled large pieces of hail at extremely high rates of speed toward the solar roof tiles to assess the damage, but no marks were left. In this same test, standard pieces of roofing material were used, and they were destroyed by the hail.


In recent years, there has been a lot of attention placed on creating environmentally friendly products and solar panels epitomize this ideology. By using Tesla roof tiles, you will be reducing the amount of oil and coal that energy companies must burn to provide power to their customers. Unfortunately, oil and coal are nonrenewable resources and eventually, supplies will be depleted. Furthermore, the process of turning petroleum based products into energy results in chemical waste that is harmful to the environment and the ozone. On the other hand, Tesla roof solar tiles provide a continuously renewable energy source that is eco-friendly and produces no waste.

In Summary

Tesla has grown to become one of the premier automakers in the world by producing vehicles that can run on electrical and solar power. In line with this, Tesla has introduced a solar tile roofing solution that may take the place of standard shingle roofs in the not too distant future. And while these roof tiles may have higher than average upfront costs, in the end, they’ll be well worth the initial investment. In fact, solar roof tiles should completely eliminate any expenses related to roof tile repair, as they come with an infinite warranty that can be used so long as you own the house.
In addition, there are four different styles of solar roof tiles from which homeowners can choose, so no matter what type of house you have, there is bound to be an adequate solution. Furthermore, since the Tesla roof tiles are solar powered, there’s no need to rely on the electric company to provide your home with power. This helps to reduce the amount of coal and oil being burned to produce electricity, thus creating a more eco-friendly solution. It also means that the power won’t go out during an outage–a huge advantage to anyone that lived through Superstorm Sandy and other such weather events.

If you’re in need of a new roof in New Jersey, you should definitely consider all of the advantages that the solar roof tiles from Tesla have to offer and contact Homeowners Hub for an estimate.

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