Home Repair and Maintenance Services in West Orange

At Homeowners Hub we are committed to removing the stress from home repair and maintenance services in West Orange, NJ.

If you’re in or around West Orange, NJ, here are some of the home repair and maintenance services we can help you with:

  • Appliance repair – Fixing broken appliances shouldn’t consume more than one thought: “Contact Homeowners Hub.” Homeowners Hub coordinates your appliance repair by contacting reputable and responsible repairman ASAP, and as with all our services, your satisfaction is GUARANTEED!
  • Plumbing – Have a leaky faucet, broken pipe or clogged drain? Let Homeowners Hub be your concierge and get a plumber into your home as soon as possible! When you sign up as a Hubster with Homeowners Hub all of your estimates are free, and your satisfaction is always GUARANTEED!
  • Electrical – It’s time to stop ignoring the light switch that zaps you every time you touch it. Unfortunately, something bigger is going on being the switch plate and needs to be addressed before a disaster occurs. Contact Homeowners Hub to schedule an appointment with a reputable, licensed electrician TODAY!
  • HVAC (Heating and air conditioning) – Who wants to live in a home that’s too hot or too cold? Not us! And you shouldn’t have to! Contact HomeownersHub to arrange a free estimate (if you’re a Hubster) with an HVAC expert TODAY!
  • Roofing – Did a recent storm blow shingles off your house and into your neighbors yard? Have you noticed discolored roofing sections? Before the next storm blows in, contact Homeowners Hub to arrange for your roofing estimate. You’ll be happy to enter the next season knowing your roof is secure and safe.

When you become a member of HomeownersHub, home repair and maintenance stress in and around West Orange, NJ become a thing of the past. 

After you request a service, we take care of lining up an quality service person in or near West Orange or your local area. We tell you who will be performing your service and when, and the best part is, your satisfaction is GUARANTEED!

Fees for estimate calls? Estimate fees don’t exist when you’re a Hubster in West Orange or one of our covered areas in Central New Jersey! That’s right! The $29.95 trip charged is waived for each and every estimate call when you’re a member!

Are you ready to eliminate the stress of appliance repair, plumbing and electrical issues and other home maintenance issues from your life?